Writing conference
for coaches & Solopreneurs

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As an entrepreneur, a writer, and a former teacher, I have a good feeling for the important role that writing plays in a business AND have the skills to teach you how to become a stronger writer. 



As a coach, I know the importance our mindset and thoughts play in the results we get.


How you write for your business can be the difference between a potential client reaching out or passing you by.

Your writing represents you and your business when you can't be there live.

It never hurts to get another set of eyes on your copy which is why I'd like to offer you a no-obligation, free 30-minute Writing Conference 

where we will review one piece of your copy (blog post, social media post, ad copy, newsletter, etc.)

I'll use my TAG Feedback Method to provide you with:

*  What I think is working well with your piece

*  Tips for what could make your piece even stronger

*  A feel for how your potential clients will interact with your copy

You will leave your Writing Conference with a stronger piece of writing and with more confidence in your writing skills.

Schedule you Writing Conference below now.

Jen Laffin

Teacher + Writer + Coach + Entrepreneur =

The Writing Coach for Coaches & Solopreneurs