101 Journal Prompts to Grow Your

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Discover the power of journaling to help you grow your business

In the busy, busy world of running a business, taking time to write in a journal is not a luxury. It’s a necessity.


Too often, we are so focused on working ‘in’ our business  that we forget to take time for reflection and intentional discovery.




Committing to a regular journaling practice is not just self-care, it is also business-care. When you journal, you will show up to your business in new and exciting ways!









The Benefits of Journaling


  • Journaling helps you discover new things. As we write, we are able to access the deeper recesses of our minds in ways that just can’t be done by thinking alone.


  • Journaling slows you down. Writing by hand allows your brain to go slower and deeper into thought. It is almost impossible to multitask while writing by hand!


  • Journaling captures your history. Journaling creates a snapshot of thoughts for where you are right at this moment in time.


  • Journaling allows you to see your growth. Look back in your journals and you will see your change over time.


  • Journaling gives you space. The blank page is an excellent place to play with new ideas without unwanted consequences.









101 Journal Prompts to Grow Your Business will help you:

  • Create the story of your business

  • Strengthen your connection with your ideal clients

  • Uncover the messy mindset that is keeping you stuck in neutral

  • Get clear on your definition of success and what it looks like for you

  • Help you determine the impact you want to have with your business

  • Explore product and service development

  • And much, much MORE!



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