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Transform your life through journaling

Jen Laffin Coaching

Specializing in helping midlife women use the power of journaling to decide who they WANT to be instead of who they've been told they SHOULD be

Ask yourself...

Who could you be if you stopped feeling stuck?


What could you do if you started saying 'YES"?


What could be possible if you started choosing yourself? 


Can You Believe in yourself enough to find out?

As midlife women, we've spent our whole lives putting ourselves and our needs last. Many of us have lived on autopilot, going through our days believing that we had no control. No say-so. 

We've never questioned our journey.
We've never explored possibility.
We've never knew there were options.

But that changes now.

You are not too old and it is not too late, my friend.

If you are feeling stuck, uncertain, or like you were made for more (but might not know what that is yet), I can help you.

I'll help you figure out who you want to be and what you want to do with your life from this day forward. 

I'll teach you how to use Self-Discovery Journaling to dig deep and create a life you love.

You can do it.

I will make sure of it.

Schedule your free consultation today to find out more 


Image of Jen Laffin

Hello, I'm Jen 

I am passionate about helping women discover the power of journaling so that they can feel better and live a life of intention.


I specialize in Self-Discovery Journaling - a style of journaling that helps you uncover your truths, find your limiting beliefs, and create a life of intention and clarity. 

My ideal clients are midlife women who are looking for 'something more' even if they don't know what that is yet. After working with me, they find direction, purpose, and relief.  

I offer workshops, 1:1, and small group coaching to meet the needs of every client.

Click here to schedule an appointment to see how I can help you feel better and live the life that you deserve.


"Your life is your story and you hold the pen." 

Interested in coaching?

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Looking for a workshop?



“My coaching sessions with Jen Laffin were transformative! Thanks to her positive and encouraging guidance, I was able to see how my limiting beliefs kept me from moving forward on my projects. She empowered me to take charge of my thoughts and feelings and make plans to accomplish my goals.”

Reading a Digital Book


I used to be afraid of writing. Coaching with Jen taught me that my thoughts about writing were  my own worst enemy. They were getting in the way of my progress and  and sharing my awesomeness with the world.

Writing in a Graph Notebook


I have become more comfortable with where I am as a writer and I am growing every day.  Jen taught me that I need to not compare myself with others farther along.

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