Are you looking to
Find Joy in your journey from "Mom" back to "Me"?

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Is this you?



Your children are off to school or are moving out (or will be before you know it.)

You don't know what to do with your time, your energy, or the money you are saving from not driving your kids everywhere.

The identity you've spent the last 18 years creating is about to make a U-turn.


You're worried.


You wonder if you did enough.


You feel empty, lack purpose, and maybe even feel a little unneeded.

When this happens, it is so, so easy to become undone.

But you are not alone.

And you don't have to feel this way forever.


You CAN find joy in your journey from "Mom" back to "Me."


I will show you how.



Join me for my FREE workshop, "Finding Joy in the Journey From Mom Back to Me" where you'll discover:


  • What's really going on in your head that's making you feel this way (and how you can feel better)


  • How to create better feelings, more positive experiences, and a new identity for yourself


  • How to intentionally create your next step that will not only bring you joy, but will also provide your children with a positive role model of a parent who is taking care of herself







It is often said that the journey of a lifetime begins with a single step.



Step toward my free "Finding Joy in the Journey From Mom Back to Me" Workshop and make the choice to feel better now.


Save your seat for the next session today.