10 Things You Need to Know to Reach Your Goals

Updated: Jul 8

post title: 10 things you need to know to reach your goals

Setting goals is the easy part.

Seeing them through is where we often falter. (Just ask anyone who has made a New Year's Resolution.)

If you have big goals but struggle to meet them, help is here.

Here's what I want you to know:

1. Your past failures have nothing to do with your future successes. Even if you've struggled with meeting a goal in the past, it says absolutely nothing about your ability to reach one in the future.

2. Today is the perfect day to begin. There is no better time to take your first step toward living the life of your dreams than right now.

3. Staying stuck in uncertainty is a choice. Our brains are designed to keep us stuck in a state of uncertainty as a way of protecting us from harm. But they are also designed to help us figure things out. Try focusing on solutions rather than uncertainty and see what ideas emerge.

4. Change is possible at any moment you choose it. Choice is one of our greatest gifts. But too often, we give up our power when we tell ourselves 'it is what it is' and carry on with the status quo. Choose change and change will happen.

5. Many small choices add up to big results. Think that taking that 10 minute walk today won't matter in the long run? Those 10 minutes, if done daily, add up to over 60 hours a year.

6. Just because something feels true, doesn't mean in necessarily is true. It most likely means that we're assuming everything we think is the truth and it's not.

7. What you want matters. We are soooo good at taking care of others. Why don't we take that much care with ourselves?

8. You are worthy of all good things. Struggles with self-worth is the #1 issue I see in my coaching. Somewhere, somehow many of us received a message that we are not worthy. Wipe that idea from your mind right now. You are worthy because you exist.

9. Your bravery inspires others. When you decide to put yourself first and go for your big dreams, you will inspire others to do the same. Whether these people are your children, your family, your friends, or someone from far away, your bravery will be noticed and you'll make someone else's journey a little easier just by showing them that it can be done.

10. You CAN do hard things. Whatever it is that you are wanting to change, I want you know that the idea of changing is much scarier than doing the work to change. Momentum brings breakthroughs.

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