Age is Just a Number {Positive Thinking Thursday 6.17.21}

Do you think you're "too old" to do something new with your life?

Vera Wang opened her first bridal boutique and began her fashion design business at age 40.

Viola Davis's acting career didn't blossom until she was 43.

Singer Susan Boyle stunned the Britain's Got Talent judges at age 47.

Julia Child published her first cookbook when she was 50.

Laura Ingalls Wilder published Little House on the Prairie when she was 64.

Mother Theresa won the Nobel Peace Prize at the age of 69.

Grandma Moses painted her first painting when she was 76 after her fingers became too arthritic to continue with her beloved embroidery.

What would have happened if these women held back their greatness because of they thought they might be 'too old?'

Age is the label we are given as we stack year-upon-year in this lifetime. It is nothing more.

It's up to you to decide what that number means.

You can either tell your self "I'm too old" or you can tell yourself "I'm just getting started."

You get to decide.

Write it Out: What are some things you'd like to get done that your fear is telling you that you are 'too old' to do?

Let's get started,

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