Positive Thinking Thursday {4.29.21}

Quote: If you don't go after what you want, you'll never have it.

Playing it safe.

There's a reason that deciding to go for our dreams is so scary.

When we think about leaving our comfort zone by taking a chance on doing something new, our brain launches our fear signals into overdrive and we are literally 'scared' into staying put.

The part of our brain that does this cannot tell the difference between a life-threatening risk and a risk like asking for a raise.

It sees every attempt to do something outside of our comfort zone as the same -- a risk to our comfort or survival -- and does whatever it takes to keep us safe.

So as long as we are doing what we've always done, never asking for what we want, and choosing to follow instead of lead, our brains tell us we will be safe.

But you know what?

We CAN try new things.

We CAN ask for what we want.

We CAN choose to lead instead of follow.

AND we can still be safe.

Because safety is something we create with our thoughts.

We can tell ourselves that no matter what, we will be okay. If what we try doesn't work, we will try something else.

And you never know -- maybe if you go for it, you just might get it!

Write It Out: In your journal this week, explore the things you've wanted that you've avoided taking action on. What are your thoughts about why you're staying in your comfort zone? What are the risks of taking action? What are the risks of not taking action? How do you feel about both? How do you want to feel?

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