The To Do List {Positive Thinking Thursday 7.15.21}

Picture of a post-it note with the words "Do something that my future self with thank me for."

Many of the items on our To Do Lists are focused on the here and now -- on what needs to get done today for today.

While you're busy checking off that list, don't forget to include tasks that won't see the rewards for time to come.

Things that will make your Future Self possible.

Things that help you create the future you want.

Ask yourself:

"What can I do today that my Future Self with thank me for?"

Write it Out: Brainstorm a list of tiny things you could do today to create the Future You that you want to be. Then add them to your To Do List one at a time and get ready to meet your Future Self.

I work with midlife or empty-nest women who ask themselves 'What's next for this life of mine?" and then go to work on creating the answers. Is this you? Schedule your FREE 60-Minute Coaching + Consultation Conversation here now and I'll show you how too!

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