What are you waiting for? {Positive Thinking Thursday 6.24.21}

Quote: You already have what it takes

Have you been giving away your power? Waiting for someone or something else to tell you that you are ready? What would happen if, instead of looking outside yourself for validation, you looked within? I am a firm believer that if you are given an idea, you already have the tools within you to bring it to life. Sometimes, we just let our fears, doubts, and uncertainties speak louder than our courage, self-confidence, and determination. They try to tell us that we need more time, more skill, more experience...more, more, more. You already have what it takes. It is there. Inside you. Waiting for you to come find it. Will you say 'yes'?

Write it Out: Where have you been holding back in life waiting for 'more'? How is it possible that what you've been looking for already exists somewhere inside you? Say 'yes' to yourself,

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