What It's Like to Be Coached by Me

If you are like most of my clients, working with a life coach is a new experience.

If this is you, you may be curious about what to expect.

While there are many different styles of life coaching, I practice coaching that is responsive to each of my clients. There are no cookie cutters in my coaching toolbox!

This being said, my coaching sessions tend to run along the same format.

* I ask you a lot of questions based on what you bring to the session

* I listen to your answers

* I show you your thinking and point out the stories you're telling yourself and believing to be true

The Coaching Session

When you coach with me, you can expect:

Getting to Know You

We begin our work together by establishing a baseline of your current thoughts, attitudes, and feelings about your life. I'll ask you to rate your satisfaction in many areas of your life and we'll discuss what areas you'd like to improve on.

Download Your Thoughts

You'll have lots of time to tell me 'how it's going.' You'll fill me in on any issues you're experiencing, any thoughts you're struggling with, or anything in particular that you'd like to work through. I'll listen carefully, take some notes, and ask you with questions when necessary.

Showing You Your Thinking

Next, I'll share some thoughts I heard you mention that could be tripping you up from moving toward your goals. Through careful questioning, I'll help you see your thinking in a different way. So often, we see every thought we think as something true. But it's not. (Read why here.) This can be life changing!

I'll give you a different way of thinking about your thinking, teach you how to choose which thoughts to believe and which to let go of, and uncover the thoughts you're holding on to that are no longer serving you. So many of my clients are amazed at what they uncover!


At the end of our coaching session, I'll send you off with some light homework to continue and deepen the work we did during our coaching session.

This could include:

  • Journaling

  • Reading

  • Activities

  • Reflections

  • Affirmations

  • Goal work

Don't be surprised if you find yourself thinking about your coaching session or 'catching' yourself doing or repeating any of the thoughts or behaviors that we discussed in your session. This is totally normal as you learn to become a watcher of your own thoughts and behavior.

Coaching is the best way that I know to gain insight into your mind.

In just one session, you will begin to unravel any thoughts that have been holding you back.

While true transformation takes time (because you've got a lifetime of thoughts, emotions, and actions to sift through), I truly believe that every person is capable of doing this life changing work on themselves which will result in increased life satisfaction.

And isn't that what it's all about?

Interested in uncovering more of your unintentional thoughts so you can create better results in your life? This is the work I do with my coaching clients. Let’s see if I can help you when we chat during your no-obligation Complimentary 60-Minute Coaching Consultation. Sign up here.