What Others See {Positive Thinking Thursday 5.20.20}

Our brains LOVE to tell us lies.

It loves to whisper in our ears words of insecurity, falling short, and unfulfilled desires.

And we believe it.

We so easily forget the wonderful things about ourselves and just focus on our failings.

But what if we looked at ourselves as others see us?

I can guarantee you that someone in your world sees you as someone who is:

  • Successful

  • Driven

  • Fierce

  • Reliable

  • Funny

  • Strong

  • Caring

  • Creative

What if you just believed that instead of all the whispers?

How could that change our outlook? Or life?

Write it Out: Think of a person in your life. How do you see them? What do you admire about them? Do they know this? (Maybe send them a note to let them know.) Now, how do you think they see you? List all the reasons why what they see is true. How are you compassionate, smart, loyal, etc.? Give your brain something new to look for.

Believe the good,

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