Why Your Thoughts Matter

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Do you know how powerful your thoughts are?

Your thoughts are the control center of your life.

They create every result you get.

Some of these results you want, some you don’t.

Let me show you what I mean.

Let’s say you want to lose 20 pounds. You’ve tried a lot of diets in the past, but none of them worked very well for you.

You think: “Losing weight is hard for me.”

When you think “Losing weight is hard for me,” you feel defeated before you even begin.

Feeling defeated, you may procrastinate with starting a new eating plan. You may plan to take a walk after lunch, but when it comes time to lace up your shoes, something else pops up to distract you away from walking. You may pack a light lunch, but then a coworker brings cookies into the lunchroom and you just can’t help yourself.

Before you know it, you’ve given up on your plan to lose 20 pounds and you’ve just proven the thought “Losing weight is hard for me” true yet again.

Now let’s try this same scenario with a different thought.

You still want to lose 20 pounds. You’ve still tried a lot of diets in the past that have been unsuccessful.

But this time you think: “Change can happen at any moment I choose it.”

When you think “Change can happen at any moment I choose it,” you feel empowered.

Feeling empowered, you go about your day looking for ways to make tiny changes for a healthier lifestyle. You plan out what you’re going to eat at the beginning of the day and you put foods on your plan that appeal to you, but are also good choices. If you can’t take a full walk at lunch, you walk a quick lap around the hallways of work. You see cookies in the lunchroom and before reaching for them, you remember that you packed a good lunch with foods you like and you wait for it.

Pretty soon, those small changes start adding up to big results and the pounds start melting away.

Same scenario.

Different thoughts.

Different results.

Thinking powerful, intentional thoughts is not a natural process for us.

Our brains try to convince us to always prepare for the worst -- to plan for failure -- so it is quick to offer up excuses, justifications, and distractions. How often do you stop to consider the worst case scenario before you do something?

Sometimes our family, culture, and society have given us thoughts to think, such as “Women should be the main caretaker of their kids,” or “You should pick a career and stick with it for life,” or “A college degree is necessary for success in life.” We may have made these thoughts our own without ever questioning them. (Thoughts with the words should and have to fit nicely into this category too.)

Unfortunately, we have so many unintentional thoughts so often that we no longer even notice when we think them. They just pass through our subconscious and we act on them without questioning if this is something we want to think or not.

The first step to thinking more intentional, powerful thoughts is to notice when an unintentional thought presents itself.

To do this, you have to get curious.

  • When you aren’t getting the results you want, see if you can trace it back to the thought that started it all.

  • Feeling stressed? What thought is running on repeat through your mind? Is that thought serving you?

  • Are you unhappy with the actions you're taking -- or not taking? There’s probably a crummy thought in there somewhere.

Once you start noticing your unintentional thoughts, it will get easier and easier to spot them.

Once you spot them, you can decide to change them into something more intentional and results-focused.

You can even pick an intentional thought as your mantra:

  • I can do hard things.

  • I choose calm.

  • Moving forward is sometimes messy.

  • Every day, I create what I want.

  • I was made for more.

Your thoughts are very powerful.

Let’s use them to create some awesome results in life!

Quote: Change can happen at any moment I choose it.

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