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Don't let your dreams become a victim of self-doubt's sneaky ways.

Learn how to recognize the signs of self-doubt and redirect yourself around them so that you can meet any goal. 

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A lack of confidence in yourself or your abilities


It would seem that self-doubt and the high-achieving woman are a natural fit.

After all, it's the high-achieving woman who is driven to get stuff done.


She's the go-to leader when deadlines are tight.


She appears to be a magician, juggling everyone's needs and demands all at the same time.


She doesn't stop until success has been reached.


But here's the thing~


Since the high-achieving woman is uber focused on achieving success, if she's not careful, the expectations she sets for herself can become unreasonable and unattainable, causing her to question her abilities.


This is when self-doubt can sneak in and cause:

  • Her sense of self-worth to become  based on what she achieves, not on who she is

  • Mistakes and failure to be avoided at all costs because they could tarnish her reputation 

  • Overworking because there is always work to be done

  • Her to become impatient when people, vacations, roadblocks, or other circumstances get in her way (including her family)

  • Her belief that no one can do the task as well as she can

  • Her to seek relief from stress & discomfort by buffering with snacking, unnecessary shopping, bingewatching TV, alcohol, excessive napping, social media indulgence, or obsessive phone-checking


  • Feelings of unworthiness

  • Never starting/never finishing projects

  • Loss of friendships​

  • People pleasing

  • Lack of creativity

  • No work/life balance

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  • Burn out

  • Excessive stress

  • Not enjoying life

  • Spinning in confusion

  • Workaholic

  • Low self-trust



Not sure if self-doubt has got a hold on you? Look for these common costumes that self-doubt loves to wear:

Procrastination: Putting off for tomorrow what you know you should do today

Perfectionism: No room for mistakes, missteps, or misunderstandings

Imposter syndrome: Questioning your ability or worthiness

Comparison: Feeling like you don't measure up to others

Confusion: Feeling unfocused about your next step

All-or-nothing thinking: Things are either black or white; no room for gray areas

Limiting beliefs:  Putting a cap on what you're capable of

No matter how self-doubt presents itself, its main goal is to have you question your abilities enough that you stop doing hard things and return to your comfort cave. 

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Just because you're experiencing self-doubt does NOT mean that you have to stop believing in your ability to do hard things.

Becoming aware of how and when self-doubt shows up in your life is the first step to learning how to work with it.

To help you do this, I've created a library of workshops to help high-achieving women just like you not only understand self-doubt, but to figure out ways to work with it. 

The series of 13 short videos cover many topics, including:

  • Powerful Thoughts to Create ANY Result

  • Journaling Your Way to Success

  • Imposter Syndrome: How to Stop Doubting Your Awesomeness

  • Creating Confidence When You Feel Like a Catastrophe

  • Getting Comfortable With the Discomfort of Doing Hard Things

  • Taking Yourself Off of Auto-Pilot

  • Silencing the Bully Within

To gain access to the resource library of Workshops for High-Achieving Women, simply fill out the form below.

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