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Adventures in Journaling:


since February is the month of love, let's use our journals for a little


When many of us think of journaling, we think of simply writing about our day.


While this IS a way to journal, it is not the only way to journal. 

In this FREE journaling workshop, I'll show you a new and exciting way to use your journal on your journey to creating a life you love.


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 Workshop DETAILS

Image by Susan Weber
This LIVE  Zoom workshop
meets on

Saturday, February 5th
at 10:00 am CT (Chicago) time

Bring your journal and be ready to experience several journaling activities designed to help you become more confident in loving yourself, your life, and your dreams!

Note: This workshop will not be recorded so be sure to attend live 


Coming February 3rd, 2022 ~

Meet Writing and Life Coach, Jen Laffin

WRITER + Teacher + COACH = 
Writing Coach

I am passionate about helping people discover their writing power!

Hi, I'm Jen!


I am a certified life coach and lifelong writer who specializes in the mindset of writing and in helping people use writing to uncover all the things that hold them back from living their best life.


Writing has made such a huge difference in my life and I know it can in your life too!


Image of Jen Laffin sitting at a desk holding a pen

This workshOp is perfect for you if...

  • You are curious about journaling, want to begin a journaling habit, return to a journaling habit, or grow your journaling habit 

  • Are open and ready to explore new ways of thinking about what you have control over in your life

  • Are tired of feeling stressed out, exhausted, or overwhelmed with life

  • Want to learn a new skill 

Join me on Saturday, Februrary 5th at 10 am CT for this fun and insightful journaling experience where we will explore how to bring more joy, calm, and love into our lives! 

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Have questions about this workshop or something else?


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