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Work less & still get great results this summer!


For Consultants, Freelancers, & Small Business Owners
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Thursday, May 23rd

11:30 - 1:00 pm Central

In this free workshop, you'll...

  • Identify the things you must do to be truly productive and not just busy (Because 'busy' is what robs you of your time and gives you diminishing results)

  • Make a plan for your summer that balances work with life and still gives you the results you want to achieve for your business

  • Set yourself up for success -- not just for the summer, but for the fall months too!

If you want to enjoy your summer and still reach your goals, this workshop is for YOU!

Meet Jen Laffin

Jen Laffin is the founder of Goal Getter Solutions and Jen Laffin Coaching. She's worked with goal-setters to help them become goal-getters for over 15 years.

Her expertise is in helping her clients determine the big goals they'd like to achieve, making a plan for success, and in coaching them through the mind drama of the Messy Middle.

Jen is host of The Flight School Podcast and is the author of  Escape From Your Comfort Cave (coming October 2024).

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