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Personal Development

Hi, I'm Jen.

I'm a wife, mom, life coach, quilter, reader, writer, lifelong learner, positive thinker, and mindset student. 

I became a personal development life coach for women after going through my own life transformation as a result of coaching. The coaching I received offered me so much relief that I knew I had to make sure that women everywhere could experience the transformation too.


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I am a Life Coach School trained coach and use The Model with my clients. This style of coaching allows us to uncover the thoughts that create our feelings and results. So if you are not getting the results you want in life, there's a thought in your head somewhere that is messing everything up. Through careful questioning and observation, I show my clients their thinking and help them choose more intentional thoughts that lead to better results.

“With the help of Jen’s coaching, I was not only able to see where I was getting in my own way, but learned valuable strategies for getting myself the results I want.  Now I can spot my own traps and put myself back on track!”

- K.M.

My COACHING is right for you if... 

* You want to uncover the thoughts that are holding you back from reaching your goals or from living your best life

* You feel like you were 'made for more,' but you aren't quite sure of what that looks like

* You get in your own way a lot

* You are tired of negative self-talk, always putting yourself last, or giving up on yourself

* You want to grow more sure of yourself and the decisions you make concerning your life

* You want a coach who will listen openly and objectively and not tell you what to think, feel, or do

If this sounds good to you, there are a few ways to work with me.


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Group Coaching


Workshops & Masterclasses


"Jen can teach you to find clarity through understanding about the ways our thoughts affect everything we do. Step-by-step, she will teach you how to use that knowledge to talk back to the primal brain and so you can move forward to achieve your impossible goals. I highly recommend Jen as a knowledgeable, compassionate coach."

- M.M.