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Success begins with
showing up.
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Go from being a goal-setter to a goal-getter when you learn how to stop procrastinating, banish doubt, and build your self-accountability.

Jen Laffin

Success & Accountability Mentor

Master Teacher

Flight School Podcast Host

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"You must do the things you think you cannot do." 

- Eleanor Roosevelt

Welcome to Jen Laffin Coaching

Enjoy these free resources that will help you overcome self-doubt
on your way t
o success.

Personal Growth Workshop Library

Twelve short video trainings on topics ranging from Powerful Thoughts to Create ANY Result to Silencing the Bully Within.

One Year From Now
Journaling Page

Use these journaling prompts to create your best future yet! 

Self-Doubt Got You Stuck?

Take this quiz to see if self-doubt is behind your struggles to bring your dreams to life.

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Betty-Ann Svendsen MD

Jen showed me how to have faith in myself and my ability to do hard things. I've learned how to enjoy the journey of entrepreneurship, instead of only focusing on how far away the end result is. Jen is a genius at seeing when I'm headed down the slippery slope of self-doubt and helping me see it too.

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Michelle Rowe

Jen taught me that I have more
control over my thinking than I
thought I did. I am growing in
confidence and applying the
strategies she taught me to both
my personal and professional
life. She has helped me implement systems to make my work easier and more enjoyable. Our work together has been lifechanging.

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Ann Robinson 

Jen really helped me break down the things that were holding me back from achieving both some of my life and work goals and provided skills that I use daily! I highly recommend Jen Laffin Coaching. I promise that you will absolutely not regret it! 


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When you work with me, you will:

Jen laffin holding a sign that says dream bigger

Gain clarity around your vision for what you want to achieve AND create a plan to get yourself there.

No more spinning in confusion or doubt. You'll use my proven Roadmap to Sucess to create a crystal-clear plan to get you to your goal.

Stop procrastinating and making excuses for playing small.   I'll show you how to recognize and avoid the Self-Doubt Roadblocks that are keeping you from reaching your greatest potential with your business.

Learn how to manage the discomfort of doing hard things.   Feeling a strong resistance to growth is normal -- and completely manageable.  I'll show you how.

Have an accountability system in place to ensure your success. Research shows that having regular accountability meetings with someone else increases your chances of success to 95%! 

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I have a proven track record of helping my clients get what they want.

Will you be my next success story?


End your confusion over what to do, procrastination over doing it, and learn how working with me WILL get you the results you crave.

Schedule your free 45-minute consultation NOW



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