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Leave the
writing drama for the page

Jen Laffin Coaching

Helping coaches & entrepreneurs get past their writing drama so they can write the copy that connects them with clients and makes them
more money

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Hello, I'm Jen 

I am a writer.

...a coach.

...a teacher.

...a notebook keeper.

...a mindset junkie.


As a business owner, I know the important role that writing plays in growing a thriving business and keeping it that way.

Writing plays an important role in how you communicate with your clients.

You use writing to create...

      Website copy

      Social media posts

      Client emails


      Podcast scripts

      Blog posts

      Workbooks & worksheets


      Books & articles

      On-boarding communications

      ...and so much more!

I know what it's like to stare down the blank page and feel fear and doubt creep in.


As your Writing Coach, I will help you get past what's holding you back from getting your words written

so that you can connect with more clients and

make more money.


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“My coaching sessions with Jen Laffin were transformative! Thanks to her positive and encouraging guidance, I was able to see how my limiting beliefs kept me from moving forward on my projects. She empowered me to take charge of my thoughts and feelings and make plans to accomplish my goals.”

Reading a Digital Book


I used to be afraid of writing. Coaching with Jen taught me that my thoughts about writing were  my own worst enemy. They were getting in the way of my progress and  and sharing my awesomeness with the world.

Writing in a Graph Notebook


I have become more comfortable with where I am as a writer and I am growing every day.  Jen taught me that I need to not compare myself with others farther along.