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Avoid Overwhelm with Your Next Best Choice

You've set a big goal. You've made a solid plan. Now what?

As you start out on your goal journey, the bigger your goal, the more intangible the goal line may feel. There's a lot of territory that needs to be covered between here and there. It's easy to let overwhelm sneak in.

But the truth is, goals are met one step at a time.

Actually, one choice at a time.

The choice to do the work or avoid it.

The choice to make the phone call or put it off until later.

The choice to write the blog post or stay stuck in confusion over what to write.

The choice to fire a client or to let them keep stealing your energy.

The choice to stay or the choice to go.

The concept of the "Next Best Choice" can help you make those decisions easier, faster, and more effectively.

Your Next Best Choice

When you focus on your Next Best Choice, you are only thinking about the next thing that needs to be done and not allowing yourself to get overwhelmed by all the extra things that try to add drama to your goal journey.

You are also focused on choosing wisely (hence, making the 'best' choice). Wise choices are easier to make when you take them one at a time.

Focusing on your Next Best Choice breaks a big goal down into incremental success steps. Make one good decision at a time and each time you do, you are one step closer to your goal.

Benefits of Making the Next Best Choice

Mindful decisions: Stopping your action for a few minutes to consider your options (instead of staying on auto-pilot) gives you the space to choose wisely. For example, should you choose the apple or the bag of chips?

Efficiency: Struggling to decide? What is the best choice you can make with the information that you have now? Choose that and adjust from there. Remember, action brings clarity.

Increased confidence: As you practice making those choices that are aligned with your goal, it becomes easier. Your confidence grows so there is less emotional energy wasted with every decision you have to make.

Encourages creativity: Asking yourself, "What is my next best choice?" shows you options that you may not have considered before. You'll begin to see new ways of making important things happen.

Improves adaptability: The goal journey is never linear. Learning how to pivot and make good decisions creates flexibility and adaptability. You'll learn how to consider new options with an eye always on your goal line. When you are focused on the 'best' choice, you'll sometimes have to do what's right, even if you don't feel motivated and that's okay.

Reduces overwhelm: Taking your goal journey step by step, decision by decision, keeps you focused on what comes next. You don't have to think about or worry about what's down the line when the focus is on what's right before you.

Think about a goal you are working on right now. What is your Next Best Choice to make? Make it and keep repeating. You are now becoming someone who makes wise choices to support their goals.

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Jen Laffin wearing a brightly flowered dress, glasses, smiling at the camera

Jen Laffin is an Accountability & Success Mentor for people who like to finish big goals, a master teacher, host of The Flight School Podcast, a possible thinker, and a recovering procrastinator. She helps goal-SETTERS become goal-GETTERS. To learn more, visit, or find Jen on Linkedin.


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