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Proof That Mind Management Works

Funny story...

Yesterday I went to my monthly networking meeting and arrived to find out that unbeknownst to me, I had been assigned to be one of the speakers. 😱

I saw my name on the sheet and I started to panic.

My inner fear started whispering to me:

😈 "I have NOTHING to talk about."

😈 "I need more time to prepare."

😈 "I'm going to sound like I don't know what I'm doing."

And then I remembered what I tell my clients ---> Be careful of the sentences you let run through your mind.

Because in truth:

😁 I have no problem talking about what I do because I love it so much.

😁 Sure, more time would have been nice, but it might have actually made me stress MORE.

😁 I absolutely DO know what I'm doing. I've been coaching for years and I used to be a teacher so speaking in front of a group is practically second nature for me.

I reached inside my bag and pulled out this sticker that I hand out to people at networking meetings and laid it in front of me.

Sticker that reads "Proceed as if your success is inevitable."

In my mind, I repeated over and over: "My success is inevitable." "My success is inevitable." "My success is inevitable."

It was my turn to present and I talked about this exact experience:

🎯 How your primal brain wants you to stay in your comfort cave and it will send you feelings of discomfort anytime you try to leave.

🎯 How being mindful of the sentences you let run through your mind makes a HUGE difference.

🎯 How deciding ahead of time that you will be successful truly affects the way you show up.

I must have done okay judging by the crowd's reaction.

I don't know what I would have talked about if I had time to prepare, but I'm quite proud of myself for being able to override the panic thoughts my primal brain wanted me to believe.

The moral of the story = Mind management works, my friends.

Jen Laffin holding a sign that says "Dream Bigger."

Jen Laffin is an Accountability & Empowerment Coach for women, a master teacher, host of The Flight School Podcast, a possible thinker, and a recovering procrastinator. She teaches women how to get the results their inner critic is telling them they can't so that they can do the things that they've always wanted. To learn more, visit, or find Jen on Linkedin and Instagram.


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