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10 Reasons to Include Gratitude in Your Goal Journey

When we set out on our goal journey, it is easy to see what is not going well.

The deadlines we miss.

The discomfort we did not anticipate.

The mistakes and missteps we stumble into.

If we aren't careful, focusing on what's going wrong will lead us right to goal abandonment -- and no one wants that to happen!

Setting and achieving goals can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. However, adding a gratitude practice into your goal-setting journey can be a game-changer.

Here are ten important reasons to include gratitude in your goal journey.


1. Boosts Motivation

Gratitude increases motivation by highlighting the progress you've already made towards your goals. It focuses on the wins and on what's going right. Taking time to stop and recognize your achievements often gives us the motivation to continue when things get hard.

2. Encourages a Positive Mindset

Keeping a positive outlook is crucial if we want to overcome obstacles. A gratitude practice encourages a positive mindset which makes it easier to overcome challenges and stay focused on your goals. It's hard to feel negative when you are focused on the things you are grateful for.

3. Reduces Stress

By focusing on what's going right, gratitude reduces stress and anxiety, allowing you to concentrate on your goals. Giving thanks reduces overwhelm and the anxiousness that often comes with goal work.

4. Improves Resilience

Gratitude improves resilience, helping you bounce back from the setbacks that always come on the goal journey. In the face of obstacles, you'll stay determined and focused on finishing.

5. Enhances Self-Esteem

Feeling grateful feels great! Acknowledging your abilities and accomplishments through gratitude boosts self-esteem. When you feel good about yourself and the work you are doing, you are more likely to persevere through the hard times of goal work and make it to the finish line.

6. Increased Energy

When you are grateful for your accomplishments, your energy levels rise.

Gratitude provides a mental and emotional energy boost, preventing goals from fizzling out due to a lack of enthusiasm. This keeps you committed and focused.

7. Better Relationships

Whether you are thankful for someone who directly assisted you with your goal or for someone who made your goal possible, a gratitude practice has the potential to improve relationships. Appreciating those on your journey contributes to shared success with lots of good feelings.

8. Goal Clarity

Expressing gratitude for what you have helps clarify your goals, aligning them with what truly matters to you. This is especially significant when considering the deep "why" behind your goals.

9. Time Management

Gratitude enhances time management by keeping you focused on what's important. A positive mindset reduces negativity, distractions, and obstacles, leading to more effective time management.

10. Healthy Habits

Grateful individuals are more likely to engage in healthy behaviors, contributing to overall goal achievement. Feeling better physically and mentally positively influences your desire to weather the discomfort of doing hard things and your ability to succeed.

The benefits of a gratitude practice in your goal journey are clear!

Incorporating gratitude into your goal-setting routine can transform the way you approach challenges, enhance your well-being, and ultimately lead you to success.

So, why not infuse a little gratitude into your goal journey today?

Jen Laffin wearing a brightly flowered dress, glasses, smiling at the camera

Jen Laffin is an Accountability & Success Mentor for people who want to meet their goals, a master teacher, host of The Flight School Podcast, a possible thinker, and a recovering procrastinator. She helps goal-SETTERS become goal-GETTERS. To learn more, visit, or find Jen on Linkedin.


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